From:	JohnDuncan
Date:	19:43 Tuesday, 18 April 1995
To:	Petition for Charter MSN
Subject:	Petition for Charter MSN Membership for Frogs
Hello fellow Frogs,
	This is a petition for Frog Pond beta testers to receive Charter Membership in the Microsoft Network.  Charter Membership could take many forms. Waived basic service and connect charges for a term, ideally lifetime, would be the simplest.  Frogs have proven themselves to be good on-line citizens and highly  participative in its development and deployment.  As such, there would be many benefits realized by both MSN and the Frogs.  Here are a few:
Benefits to Frogs
       -  Financial: Would allow the freedom of longer connect times, and higher participation in 
          and contribution to the eventual on-line commercial community.
       -  Recognition of Contribution:  Most Frogs have logged hundreds of hours on MSN, with 
           high interest in its growth, and always being willing to extend a helping hand to new
Benefits to MSN
       -  The quality of any community isn't in its infrastructure, but in the activism the citizenry.
          Frogs are and will be highly participative in MSN, and lend a balanced and seasoned 
          perspective to issues facing the community.  Frogs care about other MSN members 
          having a positive experience.
       -  MSN couldn't pay people to be as involved as Frogs, and the cost of waiving fees for such
          advocates is indeed a good investment.
          These are just a few of the mutual benefits, and is presented as a 'starter set' to initiate discussion and debate.  This petition is by no means complete, and can only realize its maximum effect if you put in your 'two cents worth' of commentary & opinion.
Submitted for your approval,
John Duncan