Welcome to the FrogPond


The original FrogPond was established on MSN in March 1995.

It was the home for Microsoft Windows 95 beta testers
who had opened MSN accounts
prior to the release of the Windows 95 Public Preview.

This initial home has been expanded to
IRC and many of the original
FrogPond froggies still participate.

The environment of the FrogPond is a little wit,
lots of humor, and spells of techie chatter.


If you like Windows 95 or Windows NT

you like to share ideas with others with similar interests,
you will love the FrogPond community.


One of the original frogs found these old chat logs from MSN beta days.
If anyone else finds any old logs that they'd like to see posted,
just email them to me:

froggy.gif (645 bytes)

01/31/95 11:14 76,710 BREAKUP.TXT
01/31/95 19:28 27,464 LAST.TXT
01/31/95 19:39 70,723 LAST1.TXT
06/22/95 16:49 9,669 FINALBLD.TXT
04/28/95 09:49 1,866 MSNCHART.TXT

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